Ultrasound guided breast biopsy procedure

An ultrasound-guided needle biopsy is a medical test used to learn more about a lesion or mass. The biopsy is done by using an ultrasound to find the lesion or mass. This test is most often used for lymph node, breast, and liver biopsies. This test can also be used with endoscopy or bronchoscopy when tumors are within the GI tract or the lungs. Often there is no need to prepare for this test. However, if you are on blood thinners, you may need to stop them several days before the test.
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Core Needle Biopsy of the Breast

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Breast biopsy - ultrasound: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

A breast biopsy is a simple medical procedure in which a sample of breast tissue is removed and sent to a laboratory for testing. A breast biopsy is the best way to evaluate if a suspicious lump or portion of your breast is cancerous. There are several conditions that can cause lumps or growths in the breast. A breast biopsy can help determine if a lump in your breast is cancerous or benign, which means noncancerous. A breast biopsy is typically performed to investigate a lump in the breast. Most breast lumps are noncancerous. Your doctor will usually order a biopsy if they become concerned about the results of a mammogram or breast ultrasound, or if a lump was found during a physical exam.
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Breast Biopsy

When a breast abnormality is discovered in a mammogram or other examination, an ultrasound-guided breast biopsy is one of the diagnostic methods that may be recommended to determine whether cancer is present. In an ultrasound-guided breast biopsy, ultrasound imaging is used to guide the insertion of a biopsy needle to remove small tissue samples in the suspicious area. The tissue samples are then sent to a pathology lab for examination, to determine if the tissue is cancerous.
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When an imaging study shows that you might have breast cancer, your doctor typically will recommend that you have a minimally invasive breast biopsy by a breast radiologist. Image-guided core small cylinder of tissue needle biopsy is the preferred way to diagnose a cancer or benign mass because it decreases the number of surgeries that are needed. The radiologist will use ultrasound, stereotactic mammography or MRI magnetic resonance imaging to guide the procedure. An ultrasound-guided breast biopsy uses ultrasound pictures to guide the radiologist to the correct place for taking tissue samples. These biopsies are most commonly performed for masses or other defined ultrasound findings.
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